Bovada Introduces Live Dealer Games To Their Users

Bovada recently introduced live dealer games to their online casino platform and players are currently enjoying the new feature. Live dealer games are the same as domestic casino games, except the game takes place online via sophisticated web streaming technology. The live dealer games that Bovada just introduced are Blackjack, Baccarat, Roulette, and Super 6.

Bovada is not the first to offer this platform, and players who are keen on playing at legal blackjack sites such as Bovada have been waiting patiently for them to get on board. Other online casinos such as BetOnline, and have featured live dealer games for months now and have reported huge success with the service. Perhaps Bovada felt the pressure to deliver an adequate service, or they just wanted to see how it faired with other sites first. Either way, the live dealer option is now offered by Bovada and looks like it will is here to stay.

These games are more expensive than normal online casino games. Unlimited seat tables start at $5, and 7-seat tables start at $10. Bovada will allow players to fill up to 3 seats at a table to increase their chances to win. While the stakes may be higher, so are the rewards. Bovada’s live dealer blackjack games payout at a 3:2 ratio, meaning for $2 bet, the winner will receive $3.

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular live casino games in the world right now. One of the hottest topics concerning live dealer blackjack is the house rules. Bovada’s dealers manually shuffle six card decks for the live blackjack games. Players are given an allotted amount of time to make their play and if no action is taking in the allotted time, an action based on basic strategy will be taken for the player. Splits are allowed once per round, and split aces get one more card then must stand. Dealers typically hit on soft 17 hands, or when an ace is in their initial two card draw. Bovada’s house rules will allow players to split and double any two cards.

In addition to splits, back betting is also permitted in Bovada’s live dealer games. Back betting is making a bet on another player’s hand. Back bettors must follow the player they are backing, meaning that if they split or double, you split or double. Back bettors do not get a refund if they do not like the decision made by the player they are backing.

Live dealer games are projected to boost online casino revenue and provide players with a more authentic experience. Live casinos were first introduced to the world almost 20 year ago. There is still room for improvement, but now that the big online casinos are implementing them into their daily games, we can expect to see more online bonuses and additional live dealer games in the future. Bovada’s inclusion of live dealer games is a game changer and we can expect to see the games evolve over time.

Bovada’s live dealer blackjack is a great way to get the Vegas experience with the convenience of and comfort of home. The live dealer games are typically more time consuming than the virtual games since seven players are giving time to make a move. The chat box is a nice option for players wanting to communicate with the dealer or ask other players questions. The web tools cover everything a player would need while playing blackjack, so it is a solid addition to the online powerhouse. The other online games are built with the same backbone and are similar in the fact that they offer account holders an experience, instead of just a game.